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Updated information about me - as at 10th March 2022.

I have recently returned to photography, following a 3 year absence due to health issues . I am now determined to produce some  top quality photographic work while I still have my marbles. Although I have to live, my main objective  is to reach perfection so I am not money orientated; just aiming to be the best that I can.  


  • Studio - My current charges for studio shots are £50 per hour, £75 for up to 2 Hours and £100 for up to 3 hours. The minimum charge would be £50 on any shoot.
    I estimate that I would take an average of 20 to 25 shots per hour subject to required changes to posing and lighting etc.

    Usually, within 2 to 3 days after the completion of the session, I would supply digital copies to the client containing all the pictures taken on the shoot.
    The client would then choose 6 of the photos which I would print and deliver (up to A4 size ). Any further prints would be charged at £1 each. Alternatively, the client could arrange to have all or some of the pictures printed by another source (Digitalab recommended)

  • Clients Home - I am happy to come to clients home and take a series of shots both indoors and outdoors. I would bring the appropriate studio lighting and several coloured backdrops with me but would need time to set up before commencing the photo session. The same costs and conditions would apply as to Studio shoot above.

  • Out and About - If a client requires the shoot to take place in more than one location, this is not a problem but the time moving between locations and the setting up of equipment, if required, would be included in the time of the shoot and charged as above.

  • Events -For parties and other events or celebrations, the client will be charged, as above, for the time he or she requires me to be there.

  • Charity Events - Covered free of charge, subject to location.

Can I take your picture, at no charge, please?

On my travels, I spot many interesting people whose photograph I feel would enhance the portfolio that I require to become a full-time professional. In these circumstances, I might approach these people to ask whether they would allow me to take their photograph or agree to sit for me at a time and venue to be arranged. No fees would be involved and the person selected would receive selected prints and a CD containing all the photos taken on the shoot. 


See my contact page to get in touch.

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